by MiniCoop

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(hey, welcome to my world, yeah)

(verse 1)

it feels like ive been awake now for seven days,
counting down the seconds til i get to grace the stage,
i should of come late coz you'd be more drunk and id sound great,
shits getting outta hand im here to set em straight,
no matter when i play when i play i always still the show somehow
but thats because i steal the microphone after i step down,
yeah im the dude disguised in hospital gowns,
you see me sprinting out that bitch with all the medical weed that i found.

a part of me wants to just enjoy the silence,
the other half wants to see a world wide riot yeah,
so im the breath of fresh air oxygen needed to ignite it
and spark the light where the heart of you resided,
im not really one for big introductions
but after that big intro i should probably think of something hey,
so here it goes I'm MiniCoop thanks for sticking round im sky bound
and please not that my sound is fucking great.


coz we aint slowing down
theres no turning back now
nah im not going anywhere im here now
there is no way that anyone could shut this shit down
coz we aint slowing down
theres no turning back now
i dont think you heard me bitch this is where the monsters live
and its the place where i can be found

(verse 2)

the way we're living feels alot more like a prison
its a pain in the ass and we all want more then we're given
its pretty obvious this dude is on a mission
to turn music and women to a world hes paid to live in
the way i roll you'd think that barney was my brother
you hear that bedrock then ask me how i met your mother,
i dont even rap im a musician under cover
just to find out why this style gets the girls under the covers.

i am that storm coming you are just part of the drought
i got them all running you are just running your mouth
i got them walls crumbling better run back to your couch
and i am definitely the thing willis was talking about
and i dont need to raise my voice for you to hear it loud
coz this shits the only way that i can cope
so if you wanna hold me down then you will need a bigger rope
and if you wanna see me drown then you will need a bigger boat


coz we aint slowing down
theres no turning back now
ive got the world as my target and i never miss
accept me as your saviour and savour the fucking awesomeness
coz we aint slowing down
theres no turning back now
nah im not going anywhere you hearing this?
the world is shaking now you better duck and run for cover quick.

coz we aint slowing down.


released February 1, 2013
Peformed/written/produced by MiniCoop



all rights reserved


MiniCoop Melbourne, Australia

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