On to something

by MiniCoop

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A story about the day i decided music would be my life


(verse 1)

there was a word scribbled out in some lines
on a page he hid for someone to find
so he locked it away in a place that was safe
left this world and the page to the sands of time
he knew that the world would grow cold
and he knew that the young would grow old
but the best stories are best left untold
and some are waiting to happen in events yet to unfold

one day a young boy went outside
and he could visit whole new worlds with his mind
he saw pictures in the sky and scriptures in the tides
and he went looking for something no one could find
he never came home so they left on a light
but some say he found something no one could find
and with his heart and his mind he was gone with the tide
a journey yet to happen for someone to write

and i can hear it in the breeze
and i can feel it in my feet yeah
i think we're on to something good
i think we're on the something good

(verse 2)

he probably figured that the world would stay safe
when he came back itd be in the same place
and as he listened to the sound of the band he would think up a plan
to try and stop his dream leaking like water through hands
he didnt know anybody at the show
but they all sang in unison though
and for once he was able to let go
and didnt feel like he was buried under snow

a moment forever frozen in time
held together by some strings on a line
and though the tickets only cost a dime
his world flipped like the coin and tipped the scales that released his mind
he never came home so they left on a light
but some say he found something no one could find
they say he found his soul he could never be sold
and never grew old, a page left for someone to write.



released December 4, 2013
peformed/written/produced by MiniCoop



all rights reserved


MiniCoop Melbourne, Australia

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